Thank you for using VIZTECH Furniture to connect with Amish Furniture builders! We want this site to be useful for you and your retail business. We also want to provide protection to our builders by ensuring their files are only used for the purposes they intended.

Builder Protection

The furniture builders found on this site reserve the right to refuse file downloads or possession of files for any retailer or persons.

Each retail person or company must create an account and pass the approval process before accessing builder files.

Some builders have opted to allow free access to their PDF Catalogs, Pictures, and Price Lists without the requirement of an account with VIZTECH Furniture.

Because we want to protect our builders from companies and persons who would want to exploit their prices, some Excel price lists are protected by a password. These passwords must be obtained by contacting the builder directly or by contacting our team who will relay the request to the builder.

No files (PDF Catalogs, Pictures, Price Lists, etc) may be used for exploitation or other uses other than the intended use of reselling the furniture from the owner of the files.

VIZTECH Furniture withholds the right to retain files from any person or company who intends to use these files other than the uses intended by them.

Retailer Protection

Each retailer is required to create an account on this site before accessing files for builders who have opted for file protection.

Each new account will be held for approval by VIZTECH Furniture. The account must be found to be a reputable furniture retailer before approval is granted.

When creating an account, the account owner is giving permission to VIZTECH Furniture to send updates regarding the furniture builders on this site. Email preferences and permissions regarding notifications may be changed at a later date by the owner of the account. No personal information or data will be sold to a third party.


VIZTECH Furniture will not disclose your email or any personal information to any third party.

Phone camera will not be used during the app usage.